A Comparative Study On Diction And Sentence Structure Between Spoken News Broadcast By Cnn International And Written News Articles Issued .. (P-70)

1.1 Background of Study
Jay Black and Frederick C. Whitney (1988) as quoted by www.buzzin.net mention that mass communication is a process whereby mass-produced message are transmitted to large, anonymous, and heterogeneous masses of receivers. So the number of the receivers are numerous and unpredictable in that way we need to scrutinize which receivers go to which media, In this case audio - visual media represented by television and visual media represented by broadsheet or famous as newspaper. Revealing all aspects of these two media will such an effort that needs a lot of energy and time wasted. So, I will concentrate on the point of the style of those two media as the sender of spoken and written message.

Even though the receivers of certain messages are not only the reader or those who watch television, I will stress upon those two media for their great influences that they have in nowadays time of information, they are television and newspaper. Joseph A Devito, (in Nuruddin 2003:10) suggests that “First, mass communication is communication addressed to masses, to an extremely large science. This does not means that the audience includes all people or everyone who reads or everyone who watches television; rather it means an audience that is large and generally rather poorly defined. Second, mass communication is communication mediated by audio and/or visual transmitter. Mass communication is perhaps most easily and most logically defined by its forms; television, radio, newspaper, magazines, films, books, and tapes”.

In ‘delivering’ the messages both television and newspaper has their own ideology, whether it is for the purpose of propaganda or telling the truth, and even for entertainment only. Here I would analyze more on the choices of words, grammatical structures, and the length of certain utterances which could lead to a typical distinctive style of spoken and written news reporting. Dennis Freeman (in (www.buzzin.net.2006) state it in his book entitle Style “…..how important are the choices of vocabulary and grammatical structure in producing the distinctive styles of writing that serve to make that ideology clear.” The question is why only those several aspects that is being analyzed? In linguistics, the purpose of close analysis is to identify and classify the elements of language being used.) Stylistic analysis in linguistic refers to the identification of patterns of usage in speech and writing. Other than the close analysis of the style, I will also try to see the correlation of the style being used and the effect towards the audiences or receivers. But the main point of this writing is to provide us with adequate information of what is actually the style of spoken and written news reporting.

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