Teaching Procedure Written Text Of Cooking Recipe Using Sequence Pictures (An Action Research on the Seventh Degree of Junior High School (P-76)

This chapter is divided into six sub sections. They are background of the study, reason for choosing the study, research question, purpose of the expected result of the study, significant of the study, limitation of the problem, and outline of the final project.

Teaching is not an easy job but it is a necessary one and can be very rewarding when we see our students’ progress and know that we have helped to make it happen. It is true that some lessons can be difficult and students feel stressful at times but it is also worth remembering that the best teaching can also be extremely enjoyable.
Based on the concept and function of English as stated in the 2006

Competence-Based Curriculum which has similar principle with Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan (KTSP) for SMP/MTS, the teaching-learning of English has the purpose to develop four language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. The other English language components; vocabulary, structure and pronunciation (in speech) or spelling (in writing) are also important to be taught to support the development of four language skills. It means that English teacher should teach the four aspects. It is not only reading or speaking but also listening and writing so the students can master all these skills.

English teacher should provide materials that are appropriate with the curriculum and find suitable methods in teaching and learning process to make students understand our lessons. KTSP is the recent curriculum in Indonesia. A curriculum has to prepare students to achieve the competence. It also prepares the student to communicate using language society. One of the new approaches methods introduced by the government is by using media as stated by Keidler (1965:1) that media can be useful to the language teachers.

In addition, Brown et al (1977:2-3) say that medium is the tools or physical things used by the teacher to facilitate the instruction. Supporting Brown’s idea, Gerlach and Ely (1980:216) say that a medium, broadly conceived, in any person, material, or event that establishes condition, which enable the learner to acquire knowledge, skills and attitude. In this sense, the teacher, the textbook, and the school environment are media. Every medium is a means to an end or to a goal. It means that the teacher have to consider the characteristic of media which will be given to the students.

Writing skill is more complex and difficult skill to be taught because it is not only requiring mastery on grammatical and rhetorical devices but also on conceptual and judgment devices (heaton, 1975:138). In writing process, the students are expected to write their written grammatically, express their idea, and make the conclusion as the steps to develop rhetorical devices in the written form. It is clear that the way we organize our students writing and the way we offer advice and correction will be different .It is depending on what kind of writing they are involved in.

A text that is any meaningful stretch of language (Derewiangka, 1990:17) in the written form belongs to the written product that is produced grammatically. The students have to choose the words that are used and how to put the words to communicate meaning. There are two main categories of text, namely: literary and factual form. A text has a particular type which is called with genre. Genre is a social informed theory of language offering an authoritative pedagogy grounded in research of texts and contexts. Many genre teachers are also strongly committed to empowering student to participated effectively in writing situations. Genre- based teaching helps teacher and students to see that texts are purposeful and patterned to serve writer and community purpose. Each text type has different social function, different structure and different linguistic feature. There are many kinds of text type’s that are studied for the junior high school students, namely : description, narration, spoof/recount, procedure, report, and news items.

The study will be focused on writing a procedure text only which is one of the materials in English lesson for SMP/MTs especially on eight degree students. . It is a kind of factual type that is designed to describe how something is accomplished through a sequence of acts or steps (Derewianka, 1946:27). In learning this material, students have many difficulties such as understanding generic structure, using imperative verbs and temporal conjunction in the procedure text. Sometimes, the students create the procedure text without analyses the generic structure specifically. They also get difficulties in using imperative verbs and temporal conjunction in appropriate words so the result of learning procedure text is not optimal.

Because of the difficulties in writing procedure text, the teachers have to prepare some method that appropriate to students in learning procedure text easily. According to Kreidler (1965:1), he states that because pictures are recognized way of a representing a real situation so they can be served as an example of the advantages in using visual aids. In the classroom, picture can help the students to associate with their real life experience. In this case, the writer intends to choose picture of cooking recipe to teach the procedure text because it can make the students understand the grammatical structure, imperative verb and temporal conjunction of procedure texts easily.

The writer focuses the study on the using of sequence picture of cooking recipe in teaching procedure text and the contribution of it to help them understand to write procedure text well. She also wants to know whether or not it improves their ability significantly of writing the procedure text after using this method.

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